Dibutyl Itaconate

Dibutyl Itaconate

Dibutyl Itaconate

Product :  Dibutyl Itaconate

Abbreviation : DBI

Chroma (APHA) :Max 30

Appearance(25℃) : Clear, colorless liquid

 Product information

Product : Dibutyl Itaconate

Abbreviation :DBI

Chroma (APHA) :Max 30

Ester content (%) :Min 99

Appearance(25℃) : Clear, colorless liquid

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Dibutyl Itaconate
Company product packaging details table
  • 200L Closed blue plastic tank

  • 125L Iron hoop jar

  • 30L Closed square can

  • 20L Closed round tank

  • 1000L High strength medium bulk containers

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